What I'm Thankful For.

I know that yesterday was Thanksgiving, but I wanted to take the time today to go over a little bit of what I'm thankful for. While this post may have all the usual suspects, so to speak, I feel it is important to give thanks and show gratitude on a daily basis - not just once a year. We have to raise up the people who raise us up constantly.

A Simple Update for a Complicated Life

So, I haven’t posted a blog in so long. Here is one! Where have I been since August? Right here in Texas. In the months since my last post, I grieved the loss of Chelsea Handler’s presence in televised media, lost 20 pounds, and I got extremely busy with work. What an intrepid journey it has been. 

Goodbye, Chelsea Lately

Chelsea Handler says goodbye to her long-running television series on E! for brighter and larger horizons. She will not be forgotten; she definitely has had an impact on my life. These are my final thoughts.

Cloud 9

I've just completed my master's...and I have this great feeling that I wish could be bottled. I am now ready for my next adventure. Hopefully life get's a little easier down the curve to 30.

Just A Little Update

This is a little bit about where I've been and what I've been up to. What God forsaken excuses could I have to leave you all hanging for so long? That and more are in this blog post.

Here It Is...The Big Debut

I developed my love of public relations pretty early on in my college career. I wanted to be a part of something that could help me hone in on my already addictive social media skills as well as connect me to people. The truth is I do love people.